Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Saturday Morning's Greatest Hits: One Less Bell To Answer (1972)

The Fifth Dimension's "One Less Bell To Answer" was actually released in 1970 on Bell Records (home to Tony Orlando & Dawn, the Partridge Family, & Edison Lighthouse), but that didn't stop Don Cornelius from booking them to appear on Soul Train during its first season. Sunnysidup uploaded this 1972 clip:

Edit: 2/6/14: This is the 2nd time I've posted this video, the first being in 2011. This is what happens when you don't keep track.


magicdog said...

Another song I always liked. Heaing Marilyn McCoo trying to tell herself she's better off still mgets me deep.

Davy Jones also was part of Bell records when he went solo. The song, "Rainy Jane" was on part of that collection.

hobbyfan said...

Hmmmm. IIRC, Bell was a subsidiary of Columbia Pictures Corporation at the time, so it made sense for Davy and the Partridges to be on the label.

Also IIRC, when Mike Nesmith went solo, he moved to the WB chain, and I'm not sure what label Peter Tork recorded for outside of the band.

As for the 5th Dimension, this is one of my favorite 5D songs, but just under Up, Up, & Away on the list.