Sunday, July 22, 2012

Saturtainment: That Metal Show (2008)

VH1 Classic, a digital-only sister network to VH1, launched That Metal Show in 2008, but because cable networks define seasons differently than broadcast networks do, the series is about to begin its 11th season as it marks four years on the air. The reason is that each season is kept short, averaging 8-10 episodes per cycle. 2-2 1/2 months, and then, into reruns.

That Metal Show is hosted by New York-based radio personality Eddie Trunk and comedians Jim Florentine (ex-Crank Yankers) & Don Jamieson. The series began as a half-hour program, and the standard arrangement has new episodes airing in late night on Saturdays, with repeats sprinkled throughout the week, including Saturday mornings & afternoons. As this weekend concludes, VH1 Classic is marking the show's 4-year anniversary with a weekend-long marathon airing virtually every episode made up to this point. In case anyone wonders, Florentine also co-wrote the show's theme song. Who knew?

These days, in between "seasons", Jamieson is pulling double duty, as he was hired by SportsNet New York as the new host of its traveling sports game show, Beer Money, replacing SNY regular Chris Carlin, probably because Jamieson may actually be a little more telegenic. That Metal Show was originally taped in New York, then shifted to California a couple of years back, along the way expanding from its original half-hour format to a full hour and adding guest musicians to entertain the audience.

Let's take you back to the very beginning, with the series opener from 2008. Ex-Runaway Lita Ford is the guest. Uploaded by Jesse James Dimitri:

I'm waiting for them to do a crossover with MTV's Beavis & Butt-Head, which would really put the show on the map.

Rating: B.

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