Sunday, July 15, 2012

Saturday Morning's Greatest Hits: Listen to the Mockingbird (1960)

From season 1 of The Flintstones comes this highlight reel of Fred's first attempt at at least posing as a rocker. Fred (Alan Reed) pretends to be a singer named Hi-Fye, and performs "Listen to the Mockingbird". However, it's Duke Mitchell, and not Henry Corden, doing the vocal dubbing here.

Uploaded by Tbirds65:


magicdog said...

I always loved this song! Never did know who dubbed Fred's vocals until now.

I thought it was unfair for Wilma to ruin his career! She spread the rumor that Hi-Fye was a square!

Today, Fred would be some mysterious Bedrockin' Rapper .

hobbyfan said...

Hey, don't give the squirrels at Cartoon Network any ideas. It's too bad I got a montage instead of the unedited original footage from the episode. It was too disjointed to be from the actual episode.