Friday, July 13, 2012

Saturtainment: Crazylegs Crane (1978)

After 9 seasons on NBC, the Pink Panther shifted over to ABC, with a new backup feature in Crazylegs Crane, who even got co-star billing in the show's open.

Crazylegs (Larry D. Mann) is forever chasing a dragonfly in much the same way the Coyote would pursue the Road Runner, always failing. Proof of this is in the episode, "Life With Feather". Dangermaus091 uploaded it to YouTube, with a commercial bumper included.

Unfortunately, Crazylegs wasn't the cure for any ratings ills the Panther might've had. This TV has the rights to the reruns, as part of a chronological rotation with later Panther series.

Rating: B-.

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