Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Animated World of DC Comics: The Super Friends take a trip to Oz (1979)

Mr. Mxyptlk (Frank Welker) creates a tornado to transport the Hall of Justice, with Superman, Wonder Woman, & Aquaman inside, to Oz, or at least a simulcrum thereof, in this gem from the 1979 World's Greatest Super Friends series. As you'll see, this combines not only The Wizard of Oz, but also elements of other stories, such as Hansel & Gretel.

Well, you do have to admit Wonder Woman does make a fetching lioness. Not so sure about Aquaman as a scarecrow, or Superman as the Tin Man, though.

Rating: A+.


Jennifer Schillig said...

I remember this from when I was a kid. I always thought the makers of this missed an opportunity by not making the first few minutes of it black-and-white. :-)

hobbyfan said...

If they were to go back and make it now, maybe they would. Thanks for writing in.