Monday, July 9, 2012

Game Time: Video Village Jr. (1961)

A while back, we discussed Shenanigans, a children's game show for ABC that played out on a giant game board. Well, Shenanigans was simply the reincarnation of an earlier game show.

Video Village and its sister series, Video Village Jr. aired on CBS in the early 60's, and both at one time were hosted by a pre-Let's Make a Deal Monty Hall. As you'll see in the following clip, Hall didn't age much when Deal hit the air a few years later. The other common link between Village & Shenanigans is announcer Kenny Williams, who appears on camera as Kenny the Cop. The difference is that Shenanigans, at least, had a sponsorship deal with Milton Bradley (now part of Hasbro).

Of course, since this was on and off long before I came along, I never saw the show and can't rate it. Gilmorebox uploaded this open, which is missing a few seconds at the start.


Mark Watson said...

Monty Hall also filled in the shoes left by Tom Kennedy as the host of the 1980s version of Split Second.

Mark Watson said...

Magnificent game show sponsored by what is now Hasbro.

hobbyfan said...

Split Second was easy for Monty to do. After all, he also produced the show!

Hasbro has a monopoly on most toys, don't they now?