Sunday, May 13, 2012

You Know The Voice: Marvin Miller (1959)

Saturday morning fans will know Marvin Miller as the original voice of Aquaman all the way back in 1967, but his career goes further than that.

Miller, who would later sign on with the Kroffts, mostly for voice work, had his lone headlining gig in The Millionaire, which was last seen in syndication in the late 70's & early 80's. I remember seeing it on WWOR in New York as filler after Mets games. The inestimable Paul Frees, heard but not seen, is the titular character, John Beresford Tipton, and Miller plays Michael Anthony, the courier assigned to deliver Tipton's $1,000,000 checks to unsuspecting strangers. Too bad philanthropy doesn't go very far in this day and age. While Miller's voice doesn't have the tempo we'd hear in later years, either as Aquaman or narrating the intro to Bigfoot & Wildboy, at least we have a face to go with the voice..........

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