Sunday, May 27, 2012

[Adult Swim] babyfies The Herculoids (2002)

When I posted an [adult swim] babyfication of the Galaxy Trio a while back, regular correspondent Magicdog clued me in to the fact that those jabronis did the same thing to another 1967 series, The Herculoids. Well, here it is. I maintain that [as] needs to be held accountable for this glaring lack of respect. From 2002, here's "Beware the Dweed".

Rating (as if you couldn't guess): F.


magicdog said...

I give it an F minus!

As I've commented before, Adult Swim programming for the most part is geared to those who choose to watch TV while under the influence.
No one sober can possibly find it appealing can they?

I also think those who produce this shlock are also stoned.

Meanwhile, I will keep on hoping for a serious high quality reboot of The Herculoids.

hobbyfan said...

It may require getting the current mismanagement team at Cartoon Network, [adult swim] included out the door before a reboot can be done. Either that, or it's on the to-do list right after they revive Silverhawks........