Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Saturday Morning's Greatest Hits: Laugh, Laugh (1965)

As The Flintstones' primetime run was nearing its end, ABC arranged for a crossover of a sort with Shindig!, resulting in series host Jimmy O'Neil and the Beau Brummels appearing on The Flintstones during the 1965-6 season, which would be the final season for both Shindig! and The Flintstones.

As a result, here's the Beau Brummel(stones), performing "Laugh, Laugh". Don Messick, the do-everything supporting player, is the Shindigrock! announcer.


magicdog said...

This ep is such a time capsule since Shindig and the Beau Brummels are all but forgotten now.

The "Laugh Laugh" single in this ep sounds like it was taken from a live performance, it's definitely not the radio version we're all familiar with. Did the band actually record this for HB or was it taken from another performance?

If The Flintstones had gone on another season or two, I wonder if we would have had Dick Clark hosting "American Bandstand"?

Or perhaps have The Impossibles guest star as a superhero band visiting Bedrock?

hobbyfan said...

The Impossibles? Nope. Remember, they ended up on CBS, while Flintstones was on ABC, and NBC got rerun rights after cancellation.

Would Dick Clark have gotten used had Flintstones gone to a 7th season or later? Maybe. Jimmy O'Neil got the call because Shindig!, like Flintstones, was a primetime show.

As for the Beau Brummels, I think they did step into the studio at HB to do the episode, rather than take the easy way and use the radio single.