Monday, May 7, 2012

Game Time: Celebrity Bowling (1971)

Back in the day, bowling was a very popular weekend activity, moreso than it is today, I would guess. To illustrate this point, in addition to ABC's Pro Bowlers Tour during the 70's, viewers were treated to a syndicated series that often aired either in competition with the pros or served as a lead-in, depending on where the show aired in a particular area.

Celebrity Bowling premiered in 1971, hosted by actor Jed Allan, who had previously appeared on Lassie for a time, but most folks might remember him more for his run on the daytime soap, Days of Our Lives. Two teams of celebrities would play a single game in best-ball format. This served to prove that the stars were ordinary folks like you & me when it came to playing the game. Following is a portion of a 1975 episode that featured pop icon Frankie Avalon and Kate Jackson (The Rookies). Uploaded by donimogr:

Rating: A.

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