Sunday, May 13, 2012

Animated World of DC Comics: Aquaman vs. The Brain & The Satanic Saturnians (1967)

It's been a while since I've posted an Aquaman cartoon, so why don't we take a swim down memory lane with the King of the Seas (Marvin Miller, ex-The Millionaire) as he battles the Brain and his sonic brainwashing machine, which, as you'll see, leads to a brief scrum with Aqualad (Jerry Dexter).

"The Brain, The Brave, and The Bold" could've stood a sequel, but Brain (narrator Ted Knight) was a 1-shot villain, as were most of the foes in the series. Black Manta and Fisherman did come from the comics, and, as only one season of episodes was produced, it'd be a few years before we'd see Manta again. Fisherman? Not so much.

Edit: 6/29/14: The original video was deleted because the poster lost his account. In its place, we have a near complete half-hour.  In addition to "The Brain, the Brave, & the Bold", we also present "The Satanic Saturnians", fish-like creatures trying to turn Earth into more of a water-based planet. Like that's going to happen:

Rating: B.


Unknown said...

The '67 Aquaman series was really great. For all the "Aquaman never should have been in the Super Friends because all he does is talk to fish" probably never saw or appreciated the Filmation show. Hell, I love all the Filmation DC superhero cartoons.

hobbyfan said...

The haters have never quite understood Aquaman, period. They just look for a reason to whine.

The hard water balls that Aquaman threw on his show were something that Filmation gave him, as it was more closely associated with Mera, who, for the purposes of the show, didn't have her hard water powers, so she could be used as a damsel in distress as needed. That would be the only flaw in the series.