Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tooniversary: Cave Kids (1996)

One of Cartoon Network's first original series came from the Flintstones franchise. Cave Kids starred Pebbles & Bamm-Bamm, this time as pre-schoolers, in what amounted to the network's answer to Nickelodeon's smash hit, Rugrats. The two shows had one thing in common. Actress-singer Elizabeth "EG" Daily worked on both shows, as she was the singing voice for Bamm-Bamm (Christine Cavanaugh, from Dexter's Laboratory, spoke for Bamm-Bamm otherwise), and duets with Aria Curzon, the voice of Pebbles, on the theme song......

Regrettably, I never got to see the show, as I believe CN had cancelled it before my cable system picked up the network at the end of '96.

A little history lesson. Cave Kids actually started as a comic book, produced by Gold Key some 30-odd years earlier, toward the end of the Flintstones' initial network run. Obviously, this version was much different, but only 8 episodes were produced before CN & Hanna-Barbera pulled the plug.

Rating: None.

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