Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Saturday Morning's Forgotten Heroes: Star Wars' Droids (1985)

By the mid-80's, George Lucas had completed the original "Star Wars" trilogy of films, with "Return of the Jedi" having been released a year or so earlier. Well, at least we thought this would be the end, but of course we know by now that there would be more to come.

Knowing that some fans still had a bitter taste in their mouths from an ill-received primetime "Holiday Special" that included the first animated "Star Wars" cartoon, Lucas decided to license two of his central characters, the droids R2D2 & C3PO, for a spinoff series of their own. Droids, produced by Canada's Nelvana Studios, aired on ABC, coupled with another "Star Wars" spinoff starring the Ewoks. Actor Anthony Daniels, who'd played C3PO in every "Star Wars" movie, reprises here as well.

Just as interesting is that the music for this series was composed in part by Stewart Copeland, formerly of The Police, and representing some of his first work for television.

I never watched the show, as I'm not that big a "Star Wars" fan ("Jedi" being the only one of the 6 feature films I've seen in the series), but as a pre-Halloween treat, here's the series opener, "The White Witch":


magicdog said...

I remember watching some of this back in the day, and I rememebr wondering where the rest of the Star Wars crew were!

Was it supposed to be taking place before the events of the movies or after?

Either way, the stories were all the same - C3PO being a prig and R2-D2 coming out as the slicker of the two.

hobbyfan said...

I think they went with Ewoks & Droids for the simple reason that they could move more toys of those characters, since they figured everyone had action figures of Luke, Leia, et al., by then.

IIRC, Droids was supposed to be taking place after "Return of the Jedi", but I'm not sure.