Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Saturday School: Ask NBC News (1979)

Seeing how CBS had succeeded with its In The News micro-segments on Saturdays, NBC decided to get into the act, but in a different way.

Ask NBC News aired within the confines of the network's Saturday morning lineup for a few years, airing as late as 1983, before being phased out in favor of the celebrity-driven One To Grow On. Here, in this clip from October, 1979, the late John Chancellor, then the anchor of NBC Nightly News, answers a young boy's question about Presidential term limits. The clip is prefaced by an intro featuring The New Shmoo. Uploaded by Seanmc.

Rating: A.


raj said...

wow that was a very fine one for the Saturday to the archive one .. thank you.. http://www.elevenplus.co

hobbyfan said...

Glad you liked it.

vetmar41 said...

The 3 shows are featured in the segment on the monitors. The programs are "The All-New Beat The Clock", "Card Sharks" & "Bewitched".

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