Sunday, October 9, 2011

Spooktober: Bump In the Night (1993)

I think it's fair to say that ABC was willing to take some chances in the early 90's with their Saturday morning lineup. The 2nd animated incarnation of The Addams Family was in its 2nd season. Beetlejuice was gone, so the network needed something to complement the Addamses to draw the same kind of audience.

Enter a bizarre bogeyman named Mr. Bumpy, the star of Bump In The Night, a claymation series that spent two seasons on ABC, and merited a primetime Christmas special. Bumpy (Jim Cummings) seems to fancy himself to be quite the showman, as this intro suggests:

The idea was, I think, to try to make the scary types that children thought inhabited space in their bedrooms seem less of a threat and more needing of friendship. However, Bumpy and his pals have not seen the light of day since the series was cancelled, and the series is now considered more of a cult classic.

Rating: None. Never saw the show.

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