Monday, April 2, 2018

Toonfomercial: Linus & Lucy for MetLife (1991)

For several years, the Peanuts gang shilled for MetLife (formerly Metropolitan Life), which would explain why Snoopy appears on the company's rented blimp, or at least he did. MetLife ended their contract with the rights holders to the strip a while back.

Anyway, from 1991, Linus contemplates what he wants to do with his birthday money. Apparently, Lucy is more interested in spending.....


magicdog said...

I remember these ads fondly and they were well done.

I took marketing in college and one of the things discussed was how such an unlikely cast of characters would be used so well to sell insurance!

Whenever I see MetLife anywhere, I still think of Peanuts! I guess that marketing team earned their dinners didn't they?

hobbyfan said...

Sure did. Too bad MetLife's current management decided to cut the gang loose.