Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Saturday Morning's Greatest Hits: Three is a Magic Number (1973)

From Schoolhouse Rock comes "Three is a Magic Number", composed & performed by Bob Dorough.

In memory of Dorough, 94, who passed away earlier today in his home in Pennsylvania. Rest in peace, Bob. Your music touched us all.


phairhead said...

Such a classic! RIP, Bob. The Blind Melons recorded a version of this song shortly before Shannon Hoon's death and it's incredibly sweet and joyful

Steven Dolce said...

R.I.P. Bob Dorough.

hobbyfan said...

@Phairhead: I believe Blind Melon's cover was on the Schoolhouse Rock CD that came out a ways back. Had it on cassette, then gave it away when I needed to clear space.

magicdog said...

Loved Schoolhouse Rock!!

Thanks to it and Bob's musical genius I had backup for exam questions when I got stuck!

I know 94 is a good long run, and Bob did amazing things with it, but I'll miss him just the same! It's kind of like when you hope things will never change or go away. Because he was with us so long, it almost was.

hobbyfan said...

Amen to that.