Monday, April 9, 2018

Saturtainment: Sunken Treasure (Run, Joe, Run, 1974)

From season 1 of Run, Joe, Run:

Joe meets a young boy (Robbie Rist, fresh from The Brady Bunch) who ends up finding some "Sunken Treasure" that gets the attention of a seemingly harmless fellow (Chuck McCann), but the adult is a smuggler, apparently.

Rist, of course, would return to Saturday morning TV two years later with Sherwood Schwartz's Big John, Little John, and, later, Kidd Video, both for NBC, though reruns of the latter would later surface on CBS. McCann, the NYC kids show legend, would land his own series the next year, developing and co-starring in the Kroffts' Far Out Space Nuts for CBS.

In memory of McCann, who passed away Sunday at 83. No rating.

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