Saturday, April 30, 2016

Saturday Morning's Forgotten Heroes: Astro & the Space Mutts vs. Reverso (1981)

Astro & the Space Mutts have to deal with a really dyslexic villain in "Reverso". Y'think Reverso (Don Messick) might've gotten dialogue coaching from Yoda?

Space Ace (Michael Bell) should thank Astro (Messick). Imagine what might've happened if Kid Comet showed up and found Ace hitting on Jan, whom Comet would be dating later in the season.....!

Rating: B-. One of the better entries in the series, and there weren't many.


Goldstar said...

What's interesting about "Space Stars" is that the presence of Astro implies that the Jetsons, Space Ghost and the Herculoids all take place in the same universe. Up until then, I just assumed that "The Jetsons" took place in it's own separate universe.

hobbyfan said...

I would venture to guess that Space Ghost & Herculoids were set not long after Jetsons, and that Astro was either recruited or left the Jetson family, presumably when Elroy was old enough that he didn't need a pet anymore.

Now, there's an idea.....