Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Animated World of DC Comics: Joyride (1977)

When The All New Super Friends Hour launched on September 10, 1977, we were, of course, still in the last days of summer. This week, schools in the home district are enjoying their spring break (the colleges had spring break last month), so why not give the kiddo's a little beach action?

The Wonder Twins made their debut in the episode, "Joyride". This has to do with a couple of boys stealing a plane, unaware it has engine issues. How the Twins' costumes magically appeared at the end of the story, when Jayna was dressed in a 2 piece bikini, and Zan in swim trunks, at the start, is one of those unsolved mysteries of animation production. Bob Hastings, who was still on All in the Family at the time or about to transition to General Hospital is heard as the mechanic and as Corky, the would-be pilot, as Corky sounds almost like a hero Hastings played a decade earlier----Superboy!

Edit, 6/21/18: The video was deleted. We now have the complete episode. You will also see:

"The Brain Machine": Wonder Woman, Batman, & Robin match wits with a deranged scientist whose experiments convince him that everyone should have enhanced intellect.

"Invasion of the Earthors": Ted Cassidy guest stars as the leader of an underground race whose boring is inadvertently causing issues on the surface.

"The Whirlpool": Black Vulcan debuts in a team-up with Aquaman.

Another blooper, as you can clearly see in the title card. The Twins' costumes make it appear as though the picture is backwards. As Jayna would say, the production department was a little, ah, spacey during post-production editing. "Joyride" marked one of Bob Hastings' last voice jobs for Hanna-Barbera, as he had worked on Clue Club a year earlier.

Rating: A.


Goldstar said...

It was cute the way that Zan and Jayna were both riding on the same surfboard.

hobbyfan said...

Cute, but it would've been sweeter if they had separate boards. Would've merited a pin-up poster or two, don't you think?