Sunday, January 17, 2016

Toonfomercial: A knee brace can make a difference (2015)

The National Health Alert Hotline is a proud sponsor of Ring of Honor Wrestling's weekly syndicated program. In recent months, they've shown two different versions of the following ad. This one, with an African American grandmother, has been run the last month, but the alternate version, with a white grandmother, had aired first.

The voices are the same in both ads, as the characters were redesigned and redrawn. Don't ask.

And here's the "white" version:

Next thing you know, they'll be asked to redraw the characters again for other minority markets.


Goldstar said...

Now that's limited animation! I love how the voices weren't changed at all, despite the company's making two versions of the same ad with the characters being different races. There's nothing to be offended by here; it's just a tad strange.

hobbyfan said...

I shan't be surprised if they also redid the designs for Asian-American or Latin-American viewers. It's a limited form of flash animation, not too far off from, say, Timbuk 3 using the Clutch Cargo method 30 years ago.