Sunday, January 24, 2016

Saturday Morning's Forgotten Heroes: The Arabian Knights foil The Great Gold Robbery (1968)

Time for a trip to Baghdad with The Arabian Knights.

Vangore (Paul Frees) and his guards steal a ton of gold, and intend to frame the Knights. Unfortunately, Fariek (John Stephenson) has overheard Vangore's intentions, and that spells trouble for Vangore and Bakaar (Stephenson).

Here's "The Great Gold Robbery":

Notice how Bez (Henry Corden) reacts to two head-on collisions. Today, he'd be checked for a concussion.

Y'know, Warner Bros. would be wise to revive the Knights under one condition. A team-up movie with the Justice League that would also involve another, albeit younger, sexier shape changer. You know who I mean.

Rating for this episode: A.

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