Saturday, January 9, 2016

Saturday Morning's Forgotten Heroes: Frogger (Saturday Supercade, 1983)

Here's another component of CBS & Ruby-Spears' video game anthology, Saturday Supercade.

Frogger is rebooted as an investigative reporter. Bob Sarlatte (ex-The David Letterman Show) voices Frogger, who is aided by Fanny Frog (B. J. Ward) and Shellshock, a turtle (Marvin Kaplan, Alice, ex-Top Cat) as he tackles difficult and dangerous stories.

For example, Fanny & Shellshock are among the victims of a crime wave in "Here Today, Pawned Tomorrow":

No rating.


SaturdayMorningFan said...

"Frogger is rebooted as an investigative reporter."

You just gotta wonder if they got this idea from Kermit's investigative reporter on Sesame Street.

hobbyfan said...

Yeah, but Kermit didn't have the same hazards to overcome.