Sunday, January 3, 2016

Sunday Funnies: Problem Child (1993)

After 2 feature films with newcomer Michael Oliver in the title role, Problem Child morphed into an animated series, which ran for 2 seasons on USA Network.

In the series, Junior (now voiced by Ben Diskin, later of Codename: Kids Next Door), along with adoptive father Ben, Jr., and adoptive grandfather Big Ben (Jonathan Harris, ex-Space Academy, Lost in Space) have moved to the small town of Toe Valley, where "Little Ben" has become a police officer and his dad is the mayor.

Unfortunately, what killed the show was the poor animation used in the first season. "Animated colorforms" would be a kind way of describing it. For the 2nd season, Lacewood Productions, contracted for Universal's other animated entry for USA, Savage Dragon, took over Problem Child. While the series looked better, as shown in the following trailer, the first season actually killed whatever hope there might've been that would've made this stick around longer.

Here's the trailer:

The animation used is from the 2nd season, so maybe even Universal wanted to disown the 1st season. Meh.

Rating: C.

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