Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Saturtainment: Mad Jack The Pirate (1998)

Get ready to meet the world's worst pirate.

Mad Jack The Pirate lasted just 1 season on Fox, but was enough of a success overseas that it's been released on DVD everywhere but in the US, insofar as I know. Go figure, right? Anyway, series creator Bill Kopp (ex-Eek! The Cat, Toonsylvania) voices the title character, who, despite his myopic self-esteem, is really a coward at heart. Captain Hook would disavow any knowledge of inspiring this clown and his sidekick, Snuk (Billy West). Saban was Fox's primary provider of children's programming at the time, and, as previously documented, fumbled the ball the very next year with a pair of Marvel properties (Spider-Man Unlimited & Avengers: United We Stand), which was the beginning of the end of their association with the network.

Never saw the show, so there won't be a rating, but for your edification and entertainment (your actual mileage may vary), we have a sample episode:

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