Saturday, August 9, 2014

Saturtainment: California Dreams (1992)

NBC got back into the pre-fab pop game in 1992, and, as it turned out, California Dreams was the most successful entry in that genre.

After 2 seasons of Banana Splits (1968-70) and 1 for the Bay City Rollers (1978-9), NBC went to producer Peter Engel (Saved By The Bell) with the idea of developing a family sitcom that was also about an aspiring pop group.

In the first season, that's exactly what California Dreams was, putting equal emphasis on family and music. However, some network suits decided after the first season that they were changing the format, and ditched the family aspect. In all, Dreams ran for 4 seasons, and later enjoyed a short rerun run in syndication. Jimmy Fallon was able to get some of the cast/band members back together on Late Night in 2010, but since then, there's been no interest in a revival, even as the 20th anniversary of the series has come & gone.

Here's the 1st season intro:

No rating. Didn't follow the show enough to form an opinion.

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