Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sunday Funnies: Sonic Underground (1999)

Sonic the Hedgehog (Jaleel White, ex-Family Matters) returns in an all-new series that somehow the networks passed on in 1999.

Sonic Underground premiered overseas before arriving in the US in the summer of 1999, with a 1 season order of 40 episodes. It had a completely separate continuity from the previous Sonic series that aired on ABC (Saturdays) and in syndication (weekdays) a few years prior. This time, Sonic is, essentially, a prince on Mobius, but his mother, Queen Aleena, is in hiding after Robotnik takes over the planet. Sonic has a brother & sister (also voiced by White), and the trio's cover for their resistance efforts is that of a rock band. Their instruments convert into magic medallions when needed. Yeah, I know. Way past wack, as Sonic himself might put it.

This series was in syndication, distributed through Bohbot, and around my neck of the woods, I recall it airing on Sundays, though it may have aired on other days in other parts of the country. This TV was the last network to hold the rights. For now, enjoy the open:

Actor Sam Vincent, who'd later work on WB shows like Baby Looney Tunes and Krypto the Superdog, provided the singing voice for Sonic. Like, go figure.

No rating. Never saw the show.

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