Thursday, February 20, 2014

Saturtainment: Super Mario World (1991)

This would be the last Super Mario Brothers series that DIC produced, having done three in as many seasons. It just happened that it was on NBC, which was giving up cartoons after the 1991-2 season, making this a lame duck in every way imaginable.

In fact, it wasn't a good year for DIC. All of their NBC series were being canned, including 1st year entries Wishkid & Pro-Stars, and over at ABC, The Real Ghostbusters had packed up and left after 5 seasons, but their replacement, Hammerman, was a total dud.

Here's the episode, "Mama Luigi", in which Luigi (Tony Rosato, ex-Saturday Night Live) just happens to be there when an egg hatches..........

No rating. Didn't see the show.

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