Monday, February 24, 2014

Saturday Morning's Forgotten Heroes: Moby Dick & the Mighty Mightor (1967)

Hanna-Barbera, for the 2nd straight season, sold CBS a two-feature series where the headline star was in the middle feature, and thus isn't quite as remembered today.

Moby Dick was a loose adaptation of Herman Melville's classic novel, but this time, Moby, like King Kong a year earlier and Godzilla 11 years later, was rebooted as a hero, guarding a pair of shipwrecked kids, Tom & Tubb, and their pet seal, Scooby, as they travel underwater on exploratory adventures.

Mightor was on a prehistoric planet, which could easily be ret-conned today to be somewhere on the Herculoids' home planet, Quasar (known as Amzot back in '67). Some might think, as I did at one time, that Mightor could just as easily have been one of the world's first real superheroes, 10 years before H-B introduced the campy Captain Caveman, who was billed as "The World's First Superhero".

As it was, Mightor starred in 2 shorts per week, with Moby in the middle, same as Frankenstein, Jr. & the Impossibles the previous year.

Here's the basic intro:

And, a variant with narration by Don Messick:

Rating: B.


magicdog said...

I always had a soft spot for Mightor but it did annoy me that Tor & Tog were never caught despite not looking much different from their civilian personas! After all - Tog was only bigger and breathed fire! If he had been an itty bitty lizard, he might have pulled it off.

Of course there is also Little Rok - that kid was Scrappy before Scrappy was Scrappy!

Moby Dick I didn't care for - too many things to suspend belief for (yeah, I know!). I did like how the characters were retconned in SDMI! Not to mention the Scooby vs. Scooby dilemma!

hobbyfan said...

One more reason to catch up with SDMI, which I can access on Cartoon Network's website. I've got plans if I can pull a video off there to put here.