Sunday, February 16, 2014

Looney TV: Hollywood Capers (1935)

Here's a Golden Age Looney Tunes short that Cartoon Network won't even consider running nowadays.

"Hollywood Capers" is one of those occasional pieces that pokes fun at the movie capital. The key to this long forgotten short is how the Monster of Frankenstein is presented. Instead of being the patchwork monster we know and love, he's a robot. That is really way ahead of its time, when you think about later robo-monsters.

To be honest with you, I barely remember seeing Beans if at all when Nickelodeon had the rights to air these cartoons in the 90's, but "Hollywood Capers" has fallen into the public domain, something that WB might consider doing something about in due time........

Pedestrian, and now I can see why Beans isn't a marquee player.

Rating: C.

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