Saturday, December 7, 2013

Saturday School: Science Court (1997)

At the tail end of ABC's One Saturday Morning block for 3 seasons (1997-2000) was Science Court, otherwise known by the alternate title used in seasons 2 & 3, Squigglevision, after the animation style employed by producer Tom Snyder (no, not the same guy who had a late night talk show in the 70's). I don't know why they had to mess with what was a successful formula, one that netted the series an award.

Anyway, this was a different kind of courtroom show, one where education, not incarceration, was the goal. Comic Paula Poundstone voiced one of the judges. H. Jon Benjamin made one of his first toon jobs here, and currently has a pair of series of his own (Archer & Bob's Burgers) on the air.

I will openly state that I barely watched this show at all, not enough to offer a fair rating. In the meantime, let's scope the episode, "Seasons":

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