Saturday, December 28, 2013

On The Air: Crash & Bernstein (2012)

Nearly 15 years after Nickelodeon foisted Cousin Skeeter on an unsuspecting world, Disney plumbs the mine of stupid ideas for Crash & Bernstein. They'd have been better off doing a new show starring the Muppets.

Crash is the puppet in the titular duo, getting his human pal in trouble. Like Skeeter, everyone treats Crash like he's just another human, which allows for some serious suspension of disbelief. The fact that it's in its 2nd season tells you that there are enough people willing to play along with the joke to keep the show going. The problem, though, is that Crash has all the redeeming value of an expired traffic ticket. It is that lame.

DisneyXDUK uploaded the open:

I'm waiting for the inevitable crossover with the Muppets, especially since they have a movie coming in March. Then we'll see how Crash compares to Kermit and friends.

Rating: C.

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