Friday, December 6, 2013

Saturday Morning's Forgotten Heroes: Adventures of Super Mario Brothers 3 (1990)

Although The Super Mario Brothers Super Show was cancelled after 1 season, Mario & Luigi didn't go away. They simply changed channels.

NBC acquired DIC's next Super Mario Brothers series, the Adventures of Super Mario Brothers 3, which was coupled with another DIC-Nintendo offering, Captain N: The Game Master, which we'll eventually get to. However, DIC also hired two new actors to play Mario & Luigi, with a relative unknown, Walker Boone, stepping in for Capt. Lou Albano as Mario and Tony Rosato (ex-Saturday Night Live) for Danny Wells as Luigi. This time, there were no live action skits, which might help explain away Albano & Wells' departure.

Unfortunately, this series also lasted just 1 season, replaced by the next and last TV adaptation, Super Mario World, the very next year. I didn't follow the series, so I will not offer a rating. Following is a sample episode:

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