Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentoons: Sabrina and........Jughead? (1970)

The writers for Sabrina, The Teenage Witch must've gotten some inspiration from seeing episodes of Bewitched, or else why have Aunt Hilda put a spell on poor, depressed Jughead (Howard Morris) when he makes some disparaging remarks about witches in general when discussing his misfortune with a local fortune teller with Sabrina. The sight of Sabrina & Jughead together is enough to stir feelings of jealousy in Big Ethel, whose pursuit of ol' Juggy has her convinced she's the only one for him, and while Sabrina's own boyfriend, Harvey, doesn't appear in this story, don't ya think the writers were, ah, testing the waters of possibly having Jug & Sabrina as a couple, even in the short term?

Here, then, uploaded by emmanoelle, is "Jughead & the Other Woman". Yeah, two straight days of Jughead-centric Valentoons. Can your heart stand it?

Rating: B+.


magicdog said...

Funny how one's worldview changes...back when I was in single digits it was sort of funny seeing Big Ethel chase after Jughead. As an adult it's downright creepy! She'd be considered a stalker and Juggie would have taken out a restraining order.

Besides, it's just sad seeing her trying to pry Jughead's affections when he just wasn't into her.

I don't think the writers would have allowed Sabrina to seriously date anyone but Harvey - he was always her true love. Even in the live action series, she left her financee at the alter for him.

I do think it might have been nice if Jughead really did have an interest in some other woman for a while, or at least Big Ethel dating someone who was actually interested in her. .

Scoobyfan1 said...

This is an interesting subject; truthfully it does seem like the writers of Sabrina only wanted her to date Harvey.

Although, why not try something different? It may not work out, but you could at least take a shot at it.

Oddly enough, I did a few fan fics where Shaggy and Fred are warlocks and Daphne and Velma are witches(it's kind of far out I know, but I have some vastly different fan fiction ideas I admit) and I had an idea for a sequel fic to one of my own stories where Shaggy(as a warlock) meets Sabrina one day, and the two of them find out each other's secrets and hit it off, eventually going to a point where Sabrina moves in with him.

Again, OK it might be an unusual idea, but I have a very unusual imagination sometimes.

hobbyfan said...

Magicdog: I refer you to the current alternate-reality Life With Archie comics that are available not only at comics shops but at places like Walmart, Rite Aid, CVS, and, I imagine, Walgreens. You'll see how the gang's turned out in the dual imagination of writer Paul Kupperberg. Two different views, one book.

ScoobyFan1: It's nice to dream, isn't it?

Scoobyfan1 said...

@Hobbyfan: Sure is; especially when you write fan fiction.... and you don't have to worry about the actual writers.

hobbyfan said...

Yah, and let your imagination run wild.