Friday, February 22, 2013

On The Air: Adventure Time (2010)

Cartoon Network has had 15 minute series since the days of Space Ghost Coast-To-Coast, but they've mostly been the exclusive domain of their [adult swim] division. Currently, the network has a couple of shows of that modest length. We've previously reviewed MAD over in The Land of Whatever, but now let's take a look at one of the network's hottest shows, Adventure Time.

Set in a post-apocalyptic land that closely resembles something out of comics' Golden Age, Adventure Time tells the tale of 14 year old Finn and his canine sidekick, Jake, who is gifted with magical abilities. Finn has a strong moral code, which is rare in today's youth, making Finn a worthy role model. Under that hat he always wears, Finn has blonde hair, in case anyone asks.

The odd thing is, CN acquired this series after it'd been commissioned as a pilot for rival Nicktoons. Who'dathunk? There is a comic book version of the series, but---surprise, surprise---it isn't being published by DC. Instead, Boom! Studios acquired a license to do a series, and the last I checked, it was a hot commodity as well.

Here is the intro:

I think the humor may be a little too mature to allow the show to air on Saturday mornings, which is actually where this Emmy nominated series belongs, in this writer's opinion.

Rating: A-.

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