Thursday, February 28, 2013

Celebrity Toons: Scooby-Doo meets Laurel & Hardy (1972)

Here's another season 1 gem from The New Scooby-Doo Movies. The Mystery Inc. crew travels to Vermont for some skiing, and meet up with the legendary comedians Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy (voiced by Jim MacGeorge & Chuck McCann, respectively). In turn, they have to deal with "The Ghost of Bigfoot".

Now, come to think of it, wouldn't Bigfoot be way off the beaten path in Vermont? Of course. Bigfoot allegedly was based in the Pacific Northwest, not in New England, so that should tell you something about the predictable hijinks.......

Chuck McCann would later portray an Oliver Hardy impersonator as a villain on the primetime drama, Matt Houston, and has been vastly underrated as an actor over the course of his storied career.

Rating: B.


magicdog said...

Definitely one of the odder pairings for Scooby & the gang.

I don't remember a Laurel & Hardy animated series in the 70s by HB; was there one? I know there was one in the 60s but I don't think HB did it.

Funny the setting was Vermont, when the place is called "Mackinac", because I always identified that name with Michigan, not Vermont!

hobbyfan said...

Yes, there was a L & H series of shorts from H-B in the mid-60's. H-B used the characters one more time probably to retain the license just a wee bit longer. I did a review on the series a while back. Look for it under "celebrity toons".

Blame the writers for the location screw-up, if you must, but I'd never heard of Mackinac, period.

magicdog said...

Mackinac Island is a famous resort destination in Michigan. Cars are banned there, so all travel is done via walking, bicycle and horse drawn surries, wagons and carriages. Very charming place!

The Grand Hotel was also used as the setting for the movie, "Somewhere In Time".

hobbyfan said...

No cars at Mackinac Island? Who runs the place? The Amish?

Back to the subject at hand. The Three Stooges merited a return appearance, but Laurel & Hardy didn't? Is there something wrong with this picture?