Friday, October 19, 2012

Saturday School: Detention (1999)

It seems as though Kids' WB! was bent on making Saturday a 6th day of school. Homeschool, that is.

Why else, then, would they have come up with a show like Detention? A group of tweens try to avoid trouble, but inevitably end up in the detention room. Voice talent for the show includes Tia & Tamera Mowry (who were starring in another WB series, Sister, Sister, at the time), Kathleen Freeman ("The Blues Brothers"), voice-over regulars Billy West (Futurama) & Tara Strong, and, making a bit of a comeback, 60's & 70's vet Pamelyn Ferdin (ex-Curiosity Shop).

Methinks Detention was created to counter-program Disney's Recess, which was dominating ABC's Saturday lineup at the time. Unfortunately, it just didn't have the staying power.

Here for your edification is the episode, "Too Good To Be Truant":

At present, the series doesn't have a cable home. Such a shame.

Rating: C.

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Steven Dolce said...

The show is on ITunes. I repeat: The show is on ITunes.