Thursday, October 4, 2012

On the Air: Seriously Funny Kids (2011)

The other day, I was doing some channel surfing before leaving for church services. I happened across the Lifetime Real Women channel and found something that reminded me of the legacy of the late entertainer Art Linkletter.

Back in the day, Linkletter had a daytime show, House Party, which had a regular feature, Kids Say The Darndest Things, which was finally spun off into its own series in the 90's, first on CBS, and then on Nickelodeon, hosted by Bill Cosby. Today, Lifetime has the spiritual successor, if you will, in Seriously Funny Kids, which debuted last year, and reruns are currently airing on Sunday mornings on LRW.

Seriously serves as a secondary vehicle for supermodel-turned-reality-show-host Heidi Klum (Project Runway), but the focus is on the little children she talks to. Take for example this offering, featuring a 6 year old drumming prodigy who started playing at 3 months.

Uploaded by littledrummerbaby.

Somewhere up there, Linkletter is smiling.

Rating: A.

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