Sunday, October 21, 2012

On The Air: Rob Dyrdek's Wild Grinders (2012)

To illustrate just how much MTV has changed in recent years, their most recognizable personality in 2012 is master multi-tasker Rob Dyrdek, who has had a series of some kind on MTV and its sister channels for the last six years.

This year, Dyrdek, currently hosting Ridiculousness on MTV, along with the presumably-still-in-production Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory, added to his workload with an animated series based on his new toy line, Wild Grinders, airing on weekends on MTV's sister network, Nicktoons.

Wild Grinders features some kids, including one based on Dyrdek himself, learning about skateboarding, extreme style. In a way, it recalls Disney's short-lived ABC series, The Weekenders, from a few years back. The abstract animation style might not exactly be a feast for the eyes, but........!

Following is the episode, "The Lost Skate Spot":

The series currently airs on Sunday mornings, and I'm not sure if it still runs on Friday nights, it's primary home.

Rating: B.

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