Saturday, October 20, 2012

From Primetime to Daytime: Evil Con Carne (2003)

Once upon a time, Hector Con Carne was a evil genius & playboy, until an accident reduced him to a disembodied brain and stomach, the latter often idependent of the brain, if you can believe it. Con Carne still wants to rule the world, but even a bodiless brain can feel jealous or even envious of other villains.

Maxwell Atoms' Evil Con Carne, originally 1/2 of the compilation series, Grim & Evil, when it bowed on Cartoon Network in 2001, became a stand alone series in 2003, but didn't have the popularity or staying power of its companion series, The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, which we reviewed earlier this week. One wonders how this series could've bombed when the other show, which co-headlines a juvenile imbecile, struck ratings gold.

Hector (Phil LaMarr, Samurai Jack, Justice League Unlimited, etc.) has just three aides. One is a bear that carries Hector atop his head and the stomach wrapped around his waist, Major-Dr. Ghastly, who had pined for Hector when he was human, and General Skarr, who looks like the love child of two 60's no-goodniks, Natasha Fatale & her Fearless Leader (like, you were expecting Boris Badenov?), based largely on the fact that Skarr's facials resemble those of Fearless Leader to an extent. Of course, CN had another series that tried to pay homage to Jay Ward, Sheep in the Big City, and that didn't work so well, either. As it turns out, the real villain of the following episode happens to be Hector's next door neighbor.

Here's the open:

I think they were better off trying to transplant Hector's brain into Billy or his father, for whatever that would've been worth (read: not much).

Rating: B--.


Always B Positive! said...

I loved both shows. But I always though EVIL CON CARNE was folded because of the timing: It was a show about terrorists (remember 9/11)?

hobbyfan said...

I think it was cancelled well before 9/11/01, actually.