Sunday, September 30, 2012

Tooniversary: Cow & Chicken (1997)

One of the greatest mysteries in the development of Cow & Chicken is how human parents could possibly have sired a cow and a chicken? Only series creator David Fleiss knows for sure. The end result, in this writer's opinion, is crass, lowbrow humor that makes little sense.

Chicken (Charlie Adler) has two human friends, Flem & Earl. Cow is just looking to fit in, and occasionally indulges herself with the alter-ego of Supercow whenever Fleiss feels the need to parody superheroes. Periodically mucking things up further is the Red Guy (Adler again), a personification of the Devil who also harasses the star of the show's middle feature, I. M. Weasel and his rival, I. R. Baboon. Problem was, Red Guy was used way too often, taking away the novelty of the character. Weasel & Baboon would later be spun off into their own series, but that was only an excuse to repackage reruns with few new episodes to complement what'd already aired. Of course, Weasel was a more popular character, but with Cow & Chicken repeats now on Boomerang, the I. M. Weasel spinoff is a distant memory. Not cool.

I'm sure you know the open:

As they might've said in Valley Girl speak, 30 years ago, grody to the max.

Rating: D.

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