Sunday, September 9, 2012

Animated World of DC Comics: Super Powers Team vs. "The Wild Cards" (1985)

"The Wild Cards" happen to be the first animated incarnation of the Royal Flush Gang, a classic opponent of the Justice League. In this episode of Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians, the Gang is aligned with Darkseid, but it's who's behind the mask of Ace that is a real stunner.

Edit, 1/16/19: Dailymotion has deleted the video due to a copyright claim from an international rights holder that isn't Warner Bros.. If/when it returns, we'll bring it back.

Amazingly, this would be the first and only time the Joker would be included in the Super Friends franchise's 13 year history. Not the best use of the Clown Prince of Crime, I'll submit, and the later usage of the Royal Flush Gang, as well as Joker, would bear that out.

Rating: B.


magicdog said...

I have this downloaded to my iPod along with other eps from the last season of Superfiends (The "Galactic Guardian" period) such as "The Death of Superman" & "The Fear".

True, I wasn't expecting Ace to be the Joker, since one would not expect him to benefit much from letting Darkseid rule over Earth.

Interesting that the member of the RF gang to change sides was "Ten" who was also the turncoat in the incarnation in "Batman Beyond".

hobbyfan said...

I remember reading a RFG appearance in Justice League of America in the 80's where 10 was also weak enough to turn on the rest of the gang. Isn't 10 a vulnerable card in bridge?