Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Rein-Toon-Ation: M*U*S*H (1975)

The last of the three animated components of Uncle Croc's Block was also the most legitimate parody in the series.

M*U*S*H is a funny animal parody of----what else?----M*A*S*H, but instead of being set in the Korean War or any other military conflict, this canine unit was sent into a vast Arctic wilderness that maybe only Sgt. Preston might venture into. Unfortunately, it lacked the one thing that made M*A*S*H so successful. None of the characters in M*U*S*H had any memorable personalities that would distinguish them from their human counterparts.

Retroheroes uploaded the open:

Filmation's primary writers of the period, Chuck Menville & Len Jansen, were being overextended, as they wrote for virtually all of the studio's product back then. No rest for the weary, sorry to say. A few extra, fresh for that matter, hands might have helped.

Rating: C.

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