Monday, September 24, 2012

Alphabetic Toons: Why a fly should never taunt a frog (1969-70)

We're starting a new feature with some classic alphabetic cartoon shorts from Sesame Street. In case you wonder, yes, the evergreen PBS series has had some reruns air on Saturdays, depending on where you live.

I remember seeing this one several years ago as a lad, and was very happy to find this on YouTube a while back. In this quickie showcasing the letter F, an angry fly (Casey Kasem) rants on having to share the screen with a natural enemy, a frog. Of course, this wasn't the only contribution "Mr. Top 40" made to Sesame Street, as we've previously screened a pair of Batman quickies he made with Olan Soule during season 1.

Now, if they did this today, would they dare to use a female fly?

Rating: A.

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