Thursday, February 16, 2012

Saturtainment: Winky Dink & You (1953)

This was the first interactive television show, and it turns 60 next year.

Winky Dink & You spent 4 seasons on CBS from 1953-57, before it was cancelled over---what else?--parental concerns about children and the "magic screens" they used to draw while the show was on. Plus, there were concerns about the use of X-rays on early television sets and the effects they'd have on the little tykes.

Jack Barry, better known as a game show host & producer, served as emcee for this program, aided, abetted, and often annoyed by Winky (Mae Questel, better known as the voice of Olive Oyl, Popeye's girlfriend) and his antics.

An all-animated revival of Winky Dink, produced by independent programmer Fred Calvert, aired in syndication in the late 60's without much success. To prove that point, I can't recall if any of the local stations in my market picked up the later version, and, of course, the original was way before I was welcomed into this world.

Mark Mentzler uploaded this episode from the original series:

And, KlandestinosProd has this offering from the revival:

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