Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Game Time: Lip Service (1992)

In the wake of Remote Control's initial success, MTV thought that any game show they produced would be a major hit. Well, that wasn't always true, and today, their idea of a game show is based in reality-TV and not worth discussing at the moment.

Lip Service was the network's attempt at reviving the 1980's series, Puttin' On The Hits, when it premiered in 1992. Comedian Jay Mohr was the series' original host, but is better known these days for his acting, even doing a dramatic turn on Ghost Whisperer a couple of years back. After a hiatus, the series resumed production the next year, with another comic, John Ales (later of Madman of the People) replacing Mohr. No explanation was ever given for the switch. Rapper Monie Love and DJ Spinderella (from Salt 'N' Pepa) were among the series regulars, along with T-Money, part of the Yo! MTV Raps! weekday crew.

Eddie4youtube uploaded this clip from the Ales-era of Service.

Given that this is MTV we're talking about here, of course the show aired virtually every day, several times a day, burning out episodes way too quickly, meaning it ended way too soon. As we've discussed, they tried a lip-sync game show again a few years later, with Fox Family's Graet Pretenders, which was the last lip-sync game show. That concept has pretty much gone the way of the Edsel, but it was good, clean fun while it lasted.

Rating: A.

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