Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Saturday Morning's (Not Yet) Forgotten Heroes: Johnny Test (2005)

Johnny Test was part of Kids' WB!'s class of 2005, and the lone survivor still airing today, having moved over to Cartoon Network, where new episodes continue to air in primetime and various parts of daytime.

Now produced solely by Canada's Cookie Jar (formerly Cinar, they also absorbed DIC recently), Johnny Test focuses on the pre-teen title character, a modern-day Dennis the Menace, except that Dennis didn't have a talking dog or twin sisters who happen to be geniuses and proud of it, or even various enemies outside his home area. Johnny and his dog, Dukey, routinely take part in the twins' experiments, which leads to Johnny adopting a part-time superhero guise, and there have also been the predictable left-handed pokes at the "Men in Black" franchise, if you will.

Tenzinkid uploaded the series opener, "Johnny to the Center of the Earth":

In a way, the sibling relationship is a reverse from Dexter's Laboratory nearly a decade earlier, although Johnny is not quite as much an annoyance as Dexter's sister, Dee Dee. Besides, Johnny would probably hand Dexter a whupping if they fought.......

Rating: B.


Steven Dolce said...

This show sucks.

hobbyfan said...

Johnny's getting a lot of hate online. Sure, he's annoying---in a Dennis the Menace way---but why is he still on the air if people hate him so much?