Saturday, February 4, 2012

Celebrity Toons: Little Rosey (1990)

Actress-comedienne, and now, aspiring Presidential candidate, if you can believe it, Roseanne Barr developed this animated series based on her childhood for ABC in 1990. That was the good news, as the show was greenlighted in the wake of the success of her primetime show, Roseanne. The bad news was that ABC buried the show at 12 noon (ET), where most affiliates wouldn't carry the show, using the time for syndicated shows and sports that would bring more ad revenues.

As a result, Little Rosey, produced by Canada's Nelvana studios, lasted just 1 season. Had it been renewed, Barr, who served only as a producer and creative consultant for the series, would've stepped into her first cartoon gig, taking over the title role. One wonders what might've happened if the series had aired in an earlier, more viewer-friendly slot. A case could've been made that Little Rosey did have Bugs Bunny for a lead-in, as he and his new co-star Tweety aired in front of the show, and, had the affiliates gotten on the bandwagon, well........!

IQute uploaded the open:

In May of 1992, Barr and then-husband Tom Arnold produced a 1-shot special, The Rosey & Buddy Show, which was a series of skits that purportedly illustrated the star's displeasure with ABC's meddling with her cartoon.

No rating, as I never saw the show. It didn't play in the Albany market.

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