Monday, September 26, 2011

Toonfomercial: Superman peanut butter (1983)

I'm not entirely sure if this was animated at Hanna-Barbera or not. One thing is for certain. A different actor other than Stan Jones was hired to be the voice of Lex Luthor for this ad shilling the short-lived Superman peanut butter, put out by Sunnyland in 1983. Not sure if Danny Dark, who was the voice of the Man of Steel in those days, did this ad, either. Uploaded by panbiscuit to YouTube:

I never tried the stuff, and I hardly even saw it in stores in my area, to begin with!


Anonymous said...

"I'll show you mine if you show me yours?" Is that really the message DC wants it's superheroes to be passing along to impressionable youth?

magicdog said...

It definitely doesn't sound like Danny Dark's voice for Supes.

I vaguely remember both the commercial and the peanut butter. I think they were cashing in on the endless Superman sequels in theatres at the time.

hobbyfan said...

Superman 3 had been out around that time, IIRC. Imagine what they'd have done for Batman 6 years later.....!