Sunday, September 11, 2011

Saturday Morning's Greatest Hits: The Littlest Lamb (1963)

One of the hallmarks of The Flintstones during its 6 year primetime run (1960-66) was how some celebrities were weaved into storylines. Singer-actress Ann-Margret was one of them, and guest-starred in the episode, "Ann-Margrock Presents". In it, Ann's tour brings her to Bedrock, but, needing to go incognito, she takes a temporary job as a babysitter for the Flintstones' infant daughter, Pebbles. Fred & Barney (Alan Reed & Mel Blanc) join her act while she's in town, this after they catch her rehearsing in Fred's garage.

Here, Ann sings a lullaby for Pebbles. "The Littlest Lamb", for some reason, hasn't been adapted by anyone else for children's records since.


magicdog said...

Seeing celebrity guest stars on your favorite shows was always fun, but to see them animated was a special treat to kids!

"Ann Marg-rock" was one of my faves! Loved this lullabye but was disappointed it wasn't available on any compilations or even to currently download.

I've heard some moms actually did use this song to sing their kids to sleep once it became a popular segment of the Flintstones series.

(I Love You But)"Ain't Gonna Be Your Fool", from the same episode is also a fun tune to listen to. It's dated somewhat but very typical of the jaunty tunes entertainers sang back then.

hobbyfan said...

I'll see if I can dig up anything else from that particular episode, which, it turns out, starts season 4.

Fan Art n' Fun said...

This is one of the songs that's so sweet, and tear-jerking at the same time. The others are "I believe in Santa Clause" from Rankin and Bass special "The Year Without a Santa Clause","Baby Mine" from "Dumbo", "Proud of your Boy" cut song/scene from Disney's "Aladding" and the opening song to "The Rescuers".

hobbyfan said...

We'll see if we can find those other ones. Thanks for writing.